Are Subliminal Messages for You
Or are they against You?

hat do you really think about Subliminal Messages? Do you know what it takes to live the kind of life you’d like to live, or are you sabotaging your own efforts and innermost dreams?

If most of us realize what it takes to live the way we’d like than why don’t we?

Your behaviour, your choices, your beliefs and even your perception of the world is driven by the unconscious part of your mind.

Like the baffling theorems of Quantum Mechanics, the language of the brain isn’t what you’d expect, its not intuitive, it’s language is as old as our heritage and as tricky as a magic show.

Are you seeing the world as it is? Is seeing really believing? Even what you think you see might simply be an illusion. Can you really believe what you see?

Our eyes have been hard wired over the last couple hundred thousand years to be on the look out for predators, for danger lurking in the shadows. You might not be conscious of these shadowy perceptions, but you can be sure that your subconscious is.

The persuasion industry takes advantage of this. It hides emotionally charged images in the contours of ice-cubes and shadow sculpturing. Nikon brought this into the light with a novel play on subliminal images.

They planted archaic subliminal triggers in their award winning ad “Faces”. As you can see, the faces of headhunters hidden in the the forested background are captured by their facial recognition system. In this creative ad they’ve successfully engage both your conscious and subconscious perceptions.

Subliminal Messages highlighted in the Nikon Ad Faces

Nearly a quarter of our brain is involved in our perception of visual imagery. Our vision transcends linguistic barriers. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, we all dream in symbolic imagery. More than any other sense our vision bridges the conscious and unconscious mind.

As you can probably imagine visual subliminal messages capture symbolic eye of our subconscious mind and have the greatest impact on us.

The Dark Dawn of Subliminal Messages

Alamach Subliminal Symbol Divination Card From The Temple of Paradise Deck

Subliminal messages can be harmonious and exert positive influences like this example. Can you see the Rainbow Fish in this painting? Take Look at the starry net! The painting is based on a Matrix of Sacred Geometry, and Fish have long been a symbol of fertility and abundance. Oil on Canvas by Shunyata

hat comes to mind when you think about subliminal messages? Do you get warm feelings and positive thoughts, or do you feel slightly uncomfortable?

Subliminal Messages are generally not associated with positive things like; loosing weight, quitting smoking, relieving stress or attracting more abundance and balance into your life.

Don’t Subliminal Messages bring up more sinister connotations and darker images, like mass manipulation, covert operations and propaganda? At least they did for me!

I read Subliminal Seduction back in the early eighties and still remember how unsettling it was. In his book Subliminal Seduction, Professor Keys exposed the dark secrets the attempts of mass media and advertising to engage in mind control.

For over  fifty years,  the persuasion industry has used Subliminal Messages to infiltrate into our unconscious mind and manipulate our desires.

Subliminal Mind Control Batman's Foe The Riddler Enigma

“I’m sucking up your I.Q., vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain!” Jim Carrey as Enigma, in Batman Forever.

This  trillion dollar persuasion industry crafts images that we don’t notice, blasts commands over speakers that we only hear subconsciously, and uses symbolic associations that prompt us to buy, consume more and ultimately feed the ravaging hunger  of hyper-consumption.

Even  though subliminal advertising is banned in the US, Britain and Australia it’s nearly impossible to prove the intentional use of subliminal media. In fact, over the last decade subliminal advertising has been refined and re-branded as neuromarketing.

Have you ever wondered if you’re — being sold a lifestyle that simply doesn’t fit or feel right?

Do  you like the idea of being manipulated by dehumanized corporations with a blood lust for profit? I don’t think anyone does, but this is what’s  happening every minute of every day. In fact, its more insidious than  most of us would ever imagine! We must use awareness to reclaim our own mind space.

There’s nothing particularly evil about persuasion. We all use it to get what we want. Do you have kids? I don’t, but even I can see that they’re great persuaders.

Using subliminal tactics to get people to go to war, isn’t in the same boat as persuading your mom to get you another candy bar.

Marketing isn’t really the problem. We need marketing, don’t we? People in Advertising are just like you and me, doing the best job they can.

Subliminal Messages aren’t to blame either, they simply are good at getting the message across. We can’t blame the messenger for the message!

We’re in the midst of a mind revolution. In  the last ten years,  we’ve learned more about the human brain than all of  history combined.

The  incredible breakthroughs in neuroscience, neuro-technology have handed  unprecedented power to the persuasion industry. Neuromarketing, at the  junction of brain science and marketing is taking the world by storm.
Subliminal Messages in NeuromarketingNeuromarketing has revolutionized the use of subliminal messages. Neuromarketing firms  like Neurofocus test our brainwaves with the EEG and fMRI.

This  brain technology is used in conjunction tracking our eye-movements; the Electrodermal Response (EDR) of our skin and a whole range of other  tell tale biometric identifiers.

While  the prospect of the it’s misuse has led organizations like Commercial  Alert to request oversight from the US Congress, like it or not neuromarketing is here to stay. We may as well make the best of it.

Becoming mindful of the power of Subliminal Messages and recognizing how they are being used in the media you can build up a sort intuitive immunity, an anti-virus of the mind.

It is also important to treat your mind like an innocent little child. Don’t over expose yourself to the negativity that’s pumped 24/7 over the news channels and be selective in the kind of films you watch.

In  the same way that neuromarketing is used to promote a toxic mindset and  hyper-consumption it can also be used to advocate health, beauty and mindful lifestyles.

Even though it hasn’t received the massive funding that’s pouring into the promotion of global brands, personal enhancement technologies are benefiting from the reams of research that’s being done. The Subliminal Software and imagery that’s available might not be like Microsoft Word, but it can support your quest to living a healthier and happier life.

Using Subliminal Messages to influence yourself in ways that you’d like to be influenced is one step towards reclaiming your peace of mind, your mind space.

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