About Buy Subliminal Messages

About Buy Subliminal Feature City Scape Mock-Up

Did you know that the words Buy, By, Bye and Bi all mean the same thing? Well, at least they do subconsciously. They all spark the same associations in your inner mind.

Why Buy Subliminal? Couldn’t I have come up with a better name, something like Subliminal Dimensions or Subliminal Zen? I would have loved to, but people aren’t likely to search for Subliminal Dimensions.

Don’t you think that Buy Subliminal, a rather stark and tasteless title, is particularly fitting in a world dominated by corporate greed, hyper-consumption and money politics? It might be an awkward –

sort of name, but Buy Subliminal does provide a contextual platform to discuss a wide range of seemingly unrelated topics. Plus it gives us plenty of room for some entertaining irony.

Did you know that Buy Subliminal Messages is also a hypnotic command? Yep, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between Homophones, between words that sound the same but have different meanings.

So by, buy and bi though vastly different, trigger the same unconscious response. The thing about homophones is that the word that carries the most emotional impact is the one that gets the most mileage. It’s meaning is the one that becomes dominant your unconscious mind.

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From Subliminal Satan to Subliminal Savior

A Subliminal Art symbolising a new birth is illustrated in this painting!

Tania Australis is an example of my Subliminal Artwork. The subliminal elements are layered from its surrealistic imagery and symbolism to the underlying sacred geometry of its composition and proportions. Oil on Canvas by me, Sri Shunyata

I hated Subliminal Messages! The very idea of them gave me the creeps. Mind control with a nasty twist… You know what I mean? Evil corporations and rogue intelligence agencies gone a mock. It’s my mind! So stay out it!

Then, I got walloped! In the summer of 2006 the impossible happened. And everything flipped-flopped when subliminal messages came to my rescue. It’s a hell of a story, but before we get to it, let me explain why I felt like an utter idiot. If it wasn’t for a terrifying breeze with death, it wouldn’t have dawned on me, I would never have realized that I’ve been working with subliminals for most of my life.

You see, I’m a cross-media artist, designer and life-long student of symbolism, ancient traditions, yoga, shamanism and altered states of mind. So, my art isn’t what you’d expect to find on Hallmark Cards. It’s laced with lattice-like layers of symbolic meaning.

Check out the surrealistic imagery in the above painting. Do you see the Island com Embryo? Symbolically, the island represents the birth of a new conception, the antithesis of the smog stained city to the left!

My paintings, jewelry designs, Art d’Objet and even my poetry are brimming with hidden levels of significance. But, I never thought of them as subliminal, until after that fateful evening back in July of 2006.

Subliminal Rescue Remedy

Subliminal Resque Remedy Mockup By Subliminal

The Final Match of the World Cup was playing on television at a small street-side pub in Sanur, a laid back resort area in Bali. I was waiting for a buddy and enjoying the game when a policeman walked in and sat down at the bar beside me.

I wasn’t in trouble, but big trouble wasn’t far away. I speak fluent Balinese, which is something of a novelty because most people speak Indonesian on the island. So it wasn’t a surprise when the cop sparked up a conversation with me.

Police in Bali are more casual then they are in the west and at times a bit too friendly. Take this chap, for instance, he was still on duty, fully uniformed and had his Patrol bike parked out front, but that didn’t stop him from having a beer with me.

About a half an hour into my chat with Pak Dewa, the policeman, I found out that his friend had a hot piece of property. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect piece of land.

It was my lucky night because his buddy was at the Patrol Station, only about 500 meters down the road. So, I hopped on the back of his Patrol Bike and we zipped over to meet his friend. But I don’t know what got into Pak Dewa. He let the throttle out and ripped down the street like a bat out of hell. The rush of acceleration would have been fun if the traffic light hadn’t just turned red.

I saw it coming, like a black demon out of the dark of night, a Toyota SUV was barreling down on us at 90 to a 100 clicks an hour. Dewa was oblivious. He hadn’t even noticed the light changed to red. I pounded on his back like a maniac, screamed in his ear at the top of my lungs, but nothing worked. He was tranced-out at full throttle and couldn’t hear me over the roar of the engine.

It was like watching a film frame by frame, time slowed down and each millisecond seemed like eternity. I thought about jumping off the back of the bike, but worried about pushing Pak Dewa into the oncoming disaster.

At the last moment, seconds before impact both drivers slammed on their brakes. Not a good idea! With tires screeching, the SUV snake tailed towards us at a tremendous speed. Pak Dewa apparently went into shock because he lost control and the bike began teetering from side to side.

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