Do Subliminal Messages Work?

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Do Subliminal Messages Really Work…

is a misleading question. It’s kind of like asking if mediation works, or if yoga works, or even if exercise works.

Perhaps, asking if subliminal messages work is more like asking music works? You can’t help but to be moved by music. Yet, different kinds of music effect you in vastly different ways.

The same is true of subliminal messages, and they come in all the flavors of perception. Subliminal Messages can be images, sounds, words, or any kind of media that operates under the radar of your awareness. They can be anything that you are unable to perceive.

Everyone wants to know if subliminal messages work because they are full of unparalleled promise. Subliminals are supposed to help you attract wealth, to lose weight, to quit smoking or nearly anything else that your little heart may desire.

Are subliminal messages really the holy grail of personal development, the penultimate wish-fulfilling jewel, or your very own genie?

Subliminal messages are billed as some sort of omnipotent cure all. When you search for Subliminal Messages online, you’ll come across hundreds of websites that are put up by people who could care less about subliminal messages, by internet marketers who only care about making a buck.

These 21st-century cyber-carnies aren’t only gilding the subliminal lily with preposterous exaggerations, they’re undercutting any real value that subliminal messages may have. There is an essential kernel of truth underneath the hype but it is not that easy to uncover.

You see, subliminal refers to something that is below, or outside the range of your awareness, (sub – below) and (liminal – threshold). Subliminals are hidden from your conscious mind. And if you replace the word subliminal with hidden, then our question; Do hidden messages work? — is far too vague.

How could you even hope to answer a question like that? At the very least, you need to know what kind of hidden message that we’re talking about. If it’s an electrical message passed between two neurons in your brain, then you better pray that it works.

Subliminal Relativity

Besides being far too general, our question is further confounded because what’s subliminal for me, may not be subliminal for you. The subliminal threshold is relative and subjective. What’s outside your range of your perception could very well be within the range of mine.

Not only does it vary from person to person, the subliminal threshold also changes in relation to your mood, situation and environment. When you are walking down a dark ally in a tough part of town, all of your senses are in a heightened state of alert. You would generally be much more aware of your surroundings, then say; taking a Sunday morning walk on High Street.

This subjective variance is just one of many reasons that it’s so hard to scientifically test subliminal messages in a controlled environment!

If you’ve read about my personal experience of subliminal healing, then you’ll know that they did work for me. This wouldn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny, but it does offer anecdotal evidence that they do work.

The Subliminal Matrix of Your Mind

The vital core of our existence operates on a scale that is far below the subliminal threshold of our perceptive capabilities. Your body is a beautifully orchestrated singularity. Every cell, tissue and organ is in it’s own right, a masterpiece of divine engineering.

To give you an idea of the subliminal workings that are happening right now in your brain, I’m going to quote a short passage from, “There’s Someone in My Head, But it’s Not Me”, a chapter in David Eagleman’s book Incognito. describes

“Your brain is built of cells called neurons and glia — there’s hundreds of billions of them. Each one of these cells is as complicated as a city. And each one contains the entire human genome and traffics billions of molecules in intricate economies.

Your brain cell sends electrical pulses to other cells, up to hundreds of times per second. If you represented each of these trillions and trillions of pulses in your brain by a single photon of light, the combined output would be blinding.

A typical neuron makes about ten thousand connections to neighboring neurons. Given the billions of neurons, this means there are as many connections in a single cubic centimeter of brain tissue as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.”

Your heart beat, and the physical makeup of your body/mind, resonates at a deeper level of intelligence, an intelligence that is subliminally driven, an intelligence that doesn’t require conscious participation.

It is this intelligence that drives each of the 70 trillion cells that compose your body. Can you imagine monitoring and controlling each one of your cells? I rarely use the word impossible, but it is absolutely impossible for anybody to control all the cells in their body, especially when you consider the fact that each cell goes through one million chemical reactions every second.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your brain is processing and filtering massive amounts of information. The vast majority of this vital data is subliminal and unconscious.

We are exposed to around 400,000 bits of information a second. Yet, our conscious awareness maxes out at about 2000 bits.

With this in mind, and considering that billions of dollars are poured into subliminal advertising, don’t you think it is a safe bet that subliminal messages must have some level of influence?

The psychologists who are using subliminal messages therapeutically, are getting extraordinary results! And for those who are still doubting Thomas’s, I am reminded of one of Richard Bandler’s stories.

Richard, one of the founders of NLP, used hypnosis to heal schizophrenics, manic depressives and other mentally challenged patients. The resident shrinks didn’t like the fact that he got results and accused Richard of healing symptoms.

I mean come on, what else is there? If a schizophrenics symptom is schizophrenia, healing the symptom is a good thing.

If loose weight and your symptom was being overweight, would you still have an underlying overweight problem?

While we haven’t answer the original question outright; “Do Subliminal Messages work?” But, hopefully you now have enough information to make up your own mind.

The effectiveness of Subliminal Messages can not be summed up in one short post. It’s a vast subject with decades of research behind it, so don’t be surprised if we return to this topic with time and again here on

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