It’s a Subliminal Reality!

Are Subliminal Messages a paradoxical word puzzle? On the one hand you have, Subliminal (beyond your perceptive threshold) and on the other is the word, Messages (medium of communication).

In this sense, Subliminal Messages would imply something utterly ridicules like sending an invisible note or email.

None the less, when you dig deeper into its meaning, it becomes clear that Subliminal Messages could refer to a very wide spectrum of astonishing phenomena. Things that we generally just don’t think about.

Simply put, Subliminal Messages can be taken as packets of information, of energy or matter that exert an invisible influence. You may not see atomic radiation, but it delivers one hell of a deadly message.

Reflections of a Subliminal Reality

Our conscious mind, or as some would say, Ego, is but a thin sliver of who and what we are. You aren’t two dimensional being, you are an infinitely complexed individual living in a word defined by duality. We would not have cold without hot, or down without up, or left without right.

So while you aren’t a 2d character, your identity does have two primary personas. Carl Jung refers to these as the Animus (Masculine) and Anima (Feminine). We do all share X and Y Chromosomes, male and female aspects of our psychological makeup. Even though this is a fascinating subject that I’ve written about in the Temple of Paradise Trilogy, it’s not what I’m referring to presently.

You see, one of you, one of your primary identities, is derived from who you think you are, the image you have of yourself. The other is subliminal, it’s not self-conscious and acts spontaneously. Your subliminal identity is who you are without thinking about it.

When you were a baby or even a young child, did you think about who you were, or were you just innocently Being who you were born to be?

Even when you are simply Being, your identity is still nothing more than a thin sliver of who you are. There is no way for you to realize the trillions of neuron peaks (messages) that underlie every perceptive second of your existence.

There is also no way for you to identify with each of the trillions of individual cells that makeup the material fabric of your body. Just how much material or matter are we talking about here?

Can you believe it? Even the solid looking flesh of your body is subliminal. It isn’t really what it seems! Through the scientific lens of Atomic Physics, we know that 99.99999% of what we experience as physical, our bodies and the world we interact with, is not solid at all. It’s primarily empty space.

If we blew just one of the atoms in your body up to the size of a football field, how big would your body be? You’d be about a 100,000 times bigger than the earth, and you know what?

Even when an atom is the size of a football field and you’re 100,000 times larger than the earth, the neutrons, electrons and protons would still be no larger than specks of dust.

Ok, so you have a few specks of dust on a football field, what’s between them? Nothing, it’s just empty space! So you see, we are really living in a Subliminal Reality.

An atom may be tiny and very far removed from your daily reality, but it houses enough power to destroy the entire world.

The size of an atom is a tenth of a nanometer or one Angstrom. It has a nucleolus that’s 10 thousand times smaller, and is composed of even smaller particles; neutrons, protons and electrons.

I personally adhere to the theory of multi-verses and the holographic model of the universe, but that’s a subject for another time.

Illusions Within Illusions

New research has emerged that supports the idea of a multiverse. This theory posits that, “after the Big Bang, some parts of space-time expanded more quickly than others. This could have created “bubbles” of space-time that then developed into other universes. The known universe has its own laws of physics, while other universes could have different laws.”

So reality is far from what it appears to be. The illusion’ary realm, springs from an underlying Subliminal Reality.

The labyrinth of life is a matrix of corridors filled with mirrored doors. It’s tricky, but there is a way through, a path towards subliminal divinity, the proverbial thread. Plato’s Cave Allegory comes to mind.

The Subliminal Reality is the opposite of Subliminal Manipulation. Subliminal Messages can be used to dupe us into false beliefs, into conforming to fabricated political, economic and commercial fallacies.

They are the illusions within illusion, this virtual reality is step away from the actual labyrinthine illusion from which existence springs.

When you watch a good horror movie, you experience the same exciting fear that your primal ancestors felt when confronted by a hungry pack of Saber Tooth Tigers. However, unlike your ancestors your fear is essentially baseless and has no bearing on whether you’ll live or die.

When you watch a movie, your neurophysiology, your impulses and emotions react as if the movie is real.

We live in a world where the greater part of our perception is manufactured by the devilish Corpocracy! Even the drugs that are legal to use, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and behavior modifying Pharmaceuticals, are not likely to induce higher levels of conscious living. No, they’re likely to lead to addiction, to slavery.

The news isn’t news anymore, it’s entertainment disguised as news. One of the main reasons that there is so much news (24/7), is because News Broadcasts are cheaper than other genres to produce.

You hear about drone strikes, assignations and brutal acts of war, but it may as well be a movie. We are being desensitized without even realizing it. This so called ‘news’, also keeps us preoccupied, while other pressing concerns go unreported and largely unnoticed.

If we took all the money that’s being pumped into the military industrial complex, and put it into agriculture, no one in the world would be hungry, let alone starve to death.

At the core of the most essential sectors of our civil’ization, of our global society, the economy, religion, food production and politics lays a subliminal dis’ease!

The candy coated truth that we are being subliminally manipulated by will not only rot our teeth but decay the very soul of humanity.

Let us claim this Subliminal Reality for what it is, a great illusion, an opportunity to live with love, grace and dignity.

It’s a Subliminal Reality Poetry

Is it fact or is it fiction, Or a serious addiction

Am I reading through the lines, Can I pick up on the signs

Is this true reality, is it really as it seems

Let me pinch myself to see, that it’s not all just a dream

Could this be manipulation, is it all just an illusion

What is real and what is fake, what is causing so much confusion

The media tricks you with headlines designed to suck you in

Don’t let them take your mind and never let them win

So the power of persuasion and the ways that we engage

Are the methods someone’s written in the middle of the page

So take charge of who you are and live your own existence

If you let them take control it will be at your expense

Let the Subliminal Blog awaken your defense

Sri Shunyata Summer 2013

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  1. Excellent message.. It is so true….

    Governments and Corporation are obsessed with subliminal messages, beside they are effective at controlling our subconscious mind, it’s easily designed to create certain patterns of behavior of the target.

    Sex, drugs, food, fear and violence are the most popular subject as the transference medium to get what they want. Next time you watch TV, play video games or see a billboard and all those multimedia commercial, find out if you can detect one of the five subliminal messages.

    • Thanks for commenting! The powers that be probably don’t think about it in the terms of Subliminal Messages! For these folks it’s just normal operating procedures.

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