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Subliminal Quotes

Subliminal messages are at the edge of awareness. The Subliminal Edge has no boundaries – it is not static and is in a continuous state of flux. — Shunyata
When did “To Be or Not to Be” turn into To Buy or Not to Buy”? — Shunyata
The subliminal threshold between your conscious and unconscious mind, between what you are aware of and what you aren’t, is different for different people. Pushing against the subliminal edge expands your awareness. Subsequently, you recognize more, have more choices and more opportunities to create the kind of reality that you really want. — Shunyata
Isn’t it true that the smallest, most subtle things often have the most impact on us? Viruses, can’t be seen with the naked eye, but they can sure put you in an early grave. — Shunyata
If you’re too busy to notice, to pay attention, you can walk off a cliff without realizing it. But, there’s a steep price to pay! — Shunyata
Have you ever thought about what the subliminal threshold is? It the thin veil that separates the seen and unseen. Just beyond your conscious awareness is a vast array of mysterious, mind expanding phenomena. — Shunyata
Subliminal Messages have a notorious reputation, but these hidden messages are spread across a much wider range of phenomena than most of us are aware. They are much more than flashing images or sub-audible sound bites. — Shunyata
Subliminal Messages don’t have to be hidden to influence you. They don’t need to be beneath the threshold of your senses, they only need to go unnoticed. — Shunyata
Most of us only see what we’re expecting, what we’re looking for. In fact, the greater part of perception is projection. So Subliminal Messages are often covered by the cloak of commonality. — Shunyata
The advances in neuroscience have proven that our subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate between real experiences, memories or the things that we only imagine. — Shunyata
Science has shown that your beliefs do indeed create the world of you experience. So, whoever influences and ultimately sculptures your beliefs, is actually shaping your experience of the world. — Shunyata

Subliminal Quotes About Life

The Universe is an ever flowing, constantly expanding stream of energy, of never ending possibilities. — Shunyata
Your true power resides deep within you, beyond the subliminal threshold in the realm of your dreams and secret aspirations. — Shunyata
Your attitude, the way that you embrace life’s pleasures and pains, is what largely determines your level of happiness and success. You attitude, the way you think and feel might be invisible, subliminal, but it does affect those who are close to you. — Shunyata
Thinking is something that you consciously do in your mind, while attitude is subconscious and something that you feel in your heart. Prior to the eighteenth century, the word aptitude was used in the same manner as we now use attitude. They are both derived from the Latin root, aptus, meaning: fitted, well suited or ability. — Shunyata
Because our hidden mind is immense as the world we live in, Subliminal Messages have a virtual universe, a hidden cosmos to play upon our lives with their subtle influence. — Shunyata
Because the way we think and what we believe affects every aspect of your lives, subliminal messages can be used across the board: for greater mindfulness, for mental focus and enhancement and for personal development. The possibilities are endless! — Shunyata
We often feel as though we are missing something of value. Here is why … Societies idealistic image of a perfect life isn’t necessarily a life worth living, but a life trying to make a living. — Unknown
You can choose your own mind food, subliminal messages that sooth the ruff edges and bring you closer to living the way you really want to.Re-conditioning your values and your mind subliminally helps to ease the throbbing pain of empty desire. — Shunyata
Easily and effortlessly tap into the awesome power of your mind with Subliminal Messages. Its amazingly easy to change your beliefs and when you change your beliefs you change your life. — Shunyata
The images trapped in your subconscious mind control your thoughts, actions and body. — Unknown
No matter how rational and in control we think we are, we are all subject to unconscious beliefs that control our behavior. — Shunyata
Subliminal Messages are like the poisonous venom and the anti-venom. In the same way that the corporations use them to breed dissatisfaction, you can use them to change your life in positive ways and live true to your own heart. — Shunyata

Subliminal Quotes About Persuasion

Our five senses are not only doors into the world of perception, they’re also the doors of persuasion. The commercial world assaults all of our senses, even touch: Smooth as Silk. — Shunyata
A glittering skin of advertisements cover our cites with candy coated messages designed to seep into your mind and manipulate your values. — Shunyata
Mainstream media is riddled with hypnotic devices that seamlessly intertwine with subliminal messages and play upon our subconscious associations and values. — Shunyata
Advertisers don’t want you to realize that your being manipulated! It’s in their interest to make you believe that you aren’t. In fact, they want you to know just enough to think that it doesn’t work on you. As they say in the industry: “a strategy known is a strategy blown”. — Shunyata
By implanting desires in our mind and distorting our perception of the world the persuasion industry did their best to turn us into virtual puppets. — Shunyata
Once the Brands lay claim to your subconscious mind-space, you’ve become an unwitting devotee, filling the corporate vaults pockets and living their dream instead of yours. — Shunyata

Subliminal Quotes About Sacred Geometry

Proportions are the invisible connections that give structure to the world. — Shunyata

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