Subliminal Software Mindzoom Review

Subliminal Software Mindzoom Review

Mindzoom Subliminal Software 2.0 Review

I’ve been itching for a Mac friendly version of Mindzoom and it was worth the wait.

Until Mindzooms 2.0 update, us Mac users only had one premium subliminal app for our platform, Mindmaster. As you’d expect, there are similarities between the two subliminal software systems, but there’s a whole world of difference as well.

You see, Mind Zoom isn’t just a cutting edge piece of Subliminal Software that can run on your Mac or PC, it’s also a Subliminal Music Mixer.

That’s right; Mindzoom doubles as a subliminal music program, a music mixer to make your own subliminal messages. Imagine having your favorite music mixes subliminally enriched!

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Don’t let Mindzoom’s simple interface fool you though, because it’s packed with options. In fact, I believe that it’s subliminal music mixer and subliminal software systems could each stand on their own two feet as separate products.

For now, they come bundled together for a one-time payment of $67.00. That comes with a lifetime of free updates and a money back guarantee. Do you realize that $67.00 breaks down to just pennies a day? As with anything that you buy, the longer you use it, the less it ends up costing.

If it sounds like I’m trying to sell you on Mind Zoom, you’re right. I am absolutely committed to promoting what I believe in, too as many people as possible.

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Who Needs Subliminal Software?

I can’t tell you that Mindzoom is something that you really need. No one can answer that question except you. Nonetheless, I can guarantee you one thing. We will continue to spend more and more of our time in front of screens, plugged in and online.

When you’re online, you are not active, physically engaged or deep in thought. No, your mind is captivated, spiraling across the world through cyberspace, and your body is idle.

Even though, technology is on par with the proverbial magicians wand, we’re not built to sit for long hours of each day mesmerized by illuminated pixels. Ergonomic equipment has offset some of the physical side effects, but what about the effects on the state of our mind?

Just like when you drive home on autopilot, you probably don’t realize that when your or surfing the web you’re in a trance. Have you ever just ended up going from one website to the next and completely forgot what you were doing, what you were looking for, or what you wanted?

My point is that while you interact with the external world, with the surface of your screen, there’s a good chance that your inner world isn’t getting the kind of attention and nourishment that it needs to flourish.

We not only need programs that draw us out of ourselves into the hustle and bustle of the consumer sphere, but we also need programs that reach inside to touch your inner being, your inner mind, in calm, soothing and constructive ways.

In other words, we need more programs that are like subliminal software, apps that help us to tune in, rather than tune out!

Mindzoom won’t magically transform your life into everything that you dream that it could be? Of course not! Subliminal software won’t replace your yoga, deep meditation or give you a sculptured body without working out, but it can augment the things that you are committed to.

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