Subliminal Pathfinder Reviews — Subliminal Software

Can you imagine Subliminal Messages flooding your mind with pleasing images and pleasant sounds?

Wouldn’t a refreshing wave of subliminal encouragement be better than the commercial crap that’s pummeling your brain?

Who wouldn’t like to subliminally remove personal obstruction? Clear out everything that hinders your balance, health and harmony.

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The 3 Flavors of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Audio Reviews — Mind Your Music

The online market is flooded with Subliminal Audios. To say that most of them are utter rubbish, is an understatement. You see, sans the research and licensing fees, Pre-Recorded Subliminal MP3’s cost less than a penny to produce.

With a copy of Mind Zoom’s Subliminal Software and Music Mixer, you can make your own recordings and be in the Subliminal MP3 Business tomorrow. That’s the problem!

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Subliminal Video Reviews — Visualization

What moves you the most? Do you love the sound of a sexy voice, get warm chills from caresses, or are you fascinated by beauty?

If you’re visually orientated, you’re excited by beauty in all of its glorious forms, by beautiful scenery, works of art and by beautiful people. The fact is that most of us are visual creatures. Around 60% of the US population mainly rely on sight, on how things look.

If you’re a visual person, then Subliminal Videos or Images are most likely the best forms of Subliminal Media for you.

It’s tricky though because your unconscious mind rarely conforms to logic, or what you’d expect. For example, horrific images that you find utterly repulsive, could actually trigger the reward center in your brain, which would suggest unconscious attraction.

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Subliminal Software Reviews — Tips and Tricks

After a couple of years with Subliminal Software running in the background, I’ve got a few tips to share that should put you ahead of the game.

Subliminal Messages aren’t the only way to ignite your inner power, but they’re the only way to do it while working at your computer.

Ideally, you want Subliminal Software to turn the time you spend on your computer into an personal enhancement mind-massage.

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Mind Master — Subliminal Software Review

Subliminal Software Ideas

Mind Master is a no frills subliminal program for both Windows and Macs. It lets you run undetectable images in conjunction with affirmations. It’s a cinch to set up and has a long list of high powered testimonials.

“Being a psychiatrist for the past 16 years, I have to say that MindMaster is a real breakthrough in the area of personal development. Doctor Gary Casaccio

“This program will help you harness the powers of your own mind and achieve goals you never thought possible.” Nikki Stone — Olympic Gold Medalist

Doctors, coaches and athletes are crazy about Mind Master. You can check out what they’re saying on the Mind Master Testimonial Page. I was really impressed by what Nikki Stone has to say about Mind Master. To read her full review just click the button below or check it out for yourself.

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Try out Mindzoom for Free

Take Mind Master out for a test drive. You have nothing to lose because it’s 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Mind Zoom — Subliminal Software Review

Subliminal Message Software that Rocks, Mind Zoom

If you like mixing music than you’ll love Mind Zoom. Mind Zoom has an affirmation delivery engine that works in conjunction with a silent subliminal messaging center.

The people at Mind Zoom have developed a Subliminal Message system that combines auditory and visual affirmations.

The audio affirmations are played in a high frequency envelope that in sync with the corresponding visuals. For example, if your affirmation is; I’m getting healthier in every way every day, it will flash on your screen in conjunction with the sub-audio track.

You can choose from more than 60 affirmation packages or create your own. Writing your own affirmations can be a little tricky. But Mind Zoom comes with a guide book that teaches you the best way to write affirmations.

What I love most about Mind Zoom Software is that it comes with a Subliminal Music Mixer. You can take your favorite music – any audio file and mix affirmations into it. Check it out for your self by clicking the link below!

Keep posted because there’s some awesome Subliminal Software updates in the pipeline!