Subliminal Messages

Do Subliminal Messages give you warm fuzzy feelings or does the idea of being subliminally influenced creep you out? Perhaps, images of propaganda, mind control and the dark side of persuasion, are conjured up in your mind?

It is unsettling to realize that the part of you reading this is not in the drivers seat. Your behavior, your choices and your beliefs are similar to the beat of your heart; they are driven by the part of your mind that you don’t control.

The language of the brain isn’t what you’d expect. It’s like weird science, the mind-boggling properties of Quantum Mechanics Its language is as old as our heritage and as tricky as an illusionist. It doesn’t listen to your wise counsel because it is not reasonable.

Your unconscious is like an animal that doesn’t understand your words. The inner language of your mind responds to symbols, to heightened emotions, and to subliminal stimuli.

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The Shady Past of
Subliminal Messages

CLICK ON THE IMAGE Do you see the Rainbow Fish in the starry net? Fish are a symbol of fertility and abundance. The painting itself is composed around an invisible matrix of Sacred Geometry. Subliminal Messages don’t have to be toxic; they can be used to promote harmony and satisfaction. Oil on Canvas by the Author, Sri Shunyata

Subliminal Messages are not commonly associated with anything thing positive. Especially not with themes like loosing weight, relieving stress or living a more abundantly balanced life.

When I read Subliminal Seduction back in the early 80s, it knocked off my feet. It was in Subliminal Seduction, that Professor Keys first exposed the antics of an industry gone rogue. Advertising agencies, in cohorts with main street media and the government, were actively experimenting with mind control and the covert manipulation of the masses.

For over fifty years, the persuasion industry used Subliminal Messages to manipulate our desires.

The trillion dollar persuasion industry crafts images that we don’t notice, blasts commands over speakers that we only hear subconsciously, and uses symbolic associations that prompt us to buy, consume more and ultimately feed the ravaging hunger of hyper-consumption.

“I’m sucking up your I.Q., vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain!” Jim Carrey as Enigma, in Batman Forever.

Even though subliminal advertising is banned in the US, Britain and Australia it’s nearly impossible to prove the intentional use of subliminal media. In fact, over the last decade subliminal advertising has been refined and re-branded as neuromarketing.

Are you being sold a lifestyle that simply doesn’t fit or feel right?

Do you like the idea of being manipulated by dehumanized corporations with a blood lust for profit? I don’t think anyone does, but this is what’s happening every minute of every day. In fact, its more insidious than most of us would ever imagine! We must use awareness to reclaim our own mind space.

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Commercial Noise & Media Misdirection

Advertising Age Cover Mock-Up: Ad Noise, Subliminal Signs in Billboard City

Subliminal Messages are just one of the weapons of mass distortion in the arsenal of the persuasion industry. This well-oiled propaganda machine industrial complex has inseminated the world with a pervasive misconception, a misconception that values appearance more than truth and the bottom line more than life itself.

You can’t get away from it; Commercial hype is screaming at you from the side of buses, in the subway tunnels, on your drive home in magazines, when you go to the movies, and now even from your hand phone.

After a flawless putt across the green, don’t be surprised to find an ad on the bottom of the cup!

Times Square, Tokyo, and even small towns have turned into billboard cities.

Entertainment: music videos, video games, slot machines, television, movies and even the nightly news are stuffed with subliminal symbolism, provocative body language, and hypnotic cues.

Pitches and slogans fill our lives with the sour taste of discontentment.

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Subliminal Messages & Hyper-Consumption

WARNING! The following contains information that some of you may find shocking.

ou might not believe this, but if you’re healthy, happy and vibrant, content with your lifestyle and have time to share with those you love, then you’re not shopping, buying stuff, you’re not consuming!

Subliminal Messages and Healthcare Industry

The sick thing is that this is just as true for health care as it is for the military and other industries. Everything is all clumped together under the gross national product (GNP).

This means is that your illness is just like gold. Yep, being sick is good for the economy. Think about it, the medical industry grows when more people get sick and need health care. If fewer people get ill then the industry contracts and the national economy shrinks.

If your healthy and have stress free life, enjoy your relationships and are content… well, your just bad for business because the economy will stop expanding and the GNP will drop.

The fact is, the idea of an infinitely expanding economy is not only bad science, but it’s also bad for us. Continual economic expansion might have made sense when the industrial revolution was just picking up steam, and production really did need to exponentially expand just to keep up with demand.

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Subliminal Messages – Hidden in Plain Sight!



ubliminal Messages aren’t always hidden in the shadows or by perceptive tricks. Sometimes they rely on simply deep-seated symbols, symbols that have a strong impact. You can see them, so they symbols aren’t subliminal, but their message and influence is.

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